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Iron Chapel atmosphere is like none other. The amount of energy the trainers put into it makes a thirty minute training session feel like no time. I never dread walking in the door. I love that if I need to bring my kids along to get my training session in, it’s never a problem

Shantel Klym

Excellent trainers, great group to workout with, positive and encouraging atmosphere!

Jessica Clifton

Yes, while all this was going on and during COVID shutdown, I still worked out Josh and Daniel thanks to Zoom meetings.  After the COVID restrictions lifted, I started back to the gym and continued doing drop in classes with the guys.  They decided to open their own gym, The Iron Chapel, as they were out growing the facility they had.  I now attend their gym/fitness classes Monday-Friday and sometimes on Saturday, which is what I was doing on my own.  This is a whole different fitness class; it’s not a Zumba class or a typical aerobics class.  It’s a strength building, mobility and stretching, learning and coaching.  Please don’t be intimidated or shy away because of my descriptive words.  It’s a fitness class where you work with a personal trainer every time.  Come check it out, visit with the guys, and stay for class.  Don’t give the typical excuses as to why you can’t:

     -Well, I don’t want to work out with a bunch of intimidating muscle heads, like you may see at other gyms in town.  Nope, no muscle heads here.

     -Well, I’m a single parent with kids.  I say so!  I am a single mom as well.  They are more than accommodating to kids.  I’ve seen babies asleep in their car seats, toddlers rolling around in a walker to Jr high/HS kids there to actually work out with the guys.

     -Well, I have a bad knee, bad shoulders, bad hips, etc.

  Guess what, I have had both my hips replaced, my left foot doesn’t work 100 percent, and have been attacked by a bull.  They will modify the exercises so you can do them, but if you still can’t they will change the exercise completely to something you can do but still work that muscle group.

These guys are licensed, certified trainers and therapists.  They have a wide range of clients:  Jr high/HS kids learning how to work out properly and with trainers, college athletes, young adults, middle aged, married couples, and older men and women.  They make you feel like you’re part of the family.  They have a class for all people and abilities and trust me they know what they are doing.

Kathy Crisp

Davin Seibel Dickinson Highschool Summer 2021

Pre Test

Sprint 15.6

5/10/5 Agility: 4.6s

Bulgarian Squat: 100lbs

Bench Press: 150lbs

Deadlift: 315lbs

Hang Clean:165lbs

Back Squat: 245lbs

Strict Press: 95lbs 

End of Summer

Sprint: 16.1mph

5/10/5 Agility: 4.35

Bulgarain Squat: 245lbs

Bench: 185lbs

Deadlift: 385lbs

Hang Clean 185lbs

Back Squat: 305lbs

Strict Press: 100lbs

Hands down the only place I would dream of going. . . personal attention all the time, and family friendly. . . my 4 year old daughter is often with, and loves it like I do. All the trainers are exceptional from what I have seen, but a hats off to my guy, Josh Karey, for being willing to take a chance on a very out of shape mom. I am on month 6, and am soooo much stronger and fit all the way around! it's a 2 year plan for me, but with the help of Josh and the Iron Chapel, I am finally doing fitness RIGHT!

Heidi Uecker-Schmidt

Excellent trainers, great group to workout with, positive and encouraging atmosphere!

Jessica Lynn

I love the small group/team classes. Great workouts and the trainers are very helpful in teaching the correct form.

Katlin Klein

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